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Bahrain Grand Prix International Circuit F 1 Racing, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain


The Bahrain International F 1 Grand Prix racing Circuit was instigated by His Majesty, King of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Shaikh Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, then Crown Prince and President of the Bahrain Motor Federation as a national objective by the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain

 Bahrain International F 1 Grand Prix Racing Circuit

The Bahrain Grand Prix F 1 Racing Circuit held its first Grand Prix event in 2004.  The German architect Hermann Tilke designed the circuit.


View Bahrain Grand Prix F 1 Circuit in a larger map

Hotel Accommodation in Bahrain F 1 Grand Prix

While sunshine prevails in this beautiful Kingdom desert conditions made the construction of the circuit difficult.  Utilizing modern technologies this project, like many in this region was carried out with careful planning, attention to detail and resources of superior quality thereby negating the many problems sand could cause to drivers and spectators alike.  In fact an area of sand surrounding the race-track was sprayed with a sticky solution, which prevented any likely sand problems arising.

The impressive "Sakhir Tower" - Sakhir Tower Bahrain F1 Grand Prix International Circuit Manamaan icon landmark of this and the envy of Formula One racing circuits boasts the most sumptuous lounges and car racing views not matched at any other international venues.  The view of the track and the surrounding Kingdom is intoxicating in its grandeur and sense of occasion.

The Kingdom of Bahrain consists of a group of thirty six islands (about 706 square kilometres total land area) off the central southern shores of the Arabian Gulf between the Qatar peninsula and Saudi Arabia's east coast.  Bahrain island is the biggest and Manama is the capital city.  The Bahrain Grand Prix International Circuit is located at Sakhir, roughly thirty km south west of Manama.  The circuit is easily accessible to both the city centre and the airport - about thirty minutes from either.

The Bahrain Grand Prix circuit incorporates six layouts:-

  1. 5,411km GP track as shown in the image above
  2. 2.55km inner eight turns track in middle section of the circuit
  3. 3,664km outer track that joins turns four and thirteen.  It has a total of ten turns
  4. 3.7km Paddock Circuit - turns 3 to nine are removed
  5. A Drag Strip running from the "Sakhir Tower" for 1,200 metres
  6. 2km oval test track


Check out a virtual view of the track and stands here.



Virtual Track



Virtual Stand



The design of the circuits at Shakir displays first class proactive thinking, planning and imptementation that went into this project.  Consequent it can stage events all year round.  Formula One, Formula Three, Grand Prix 2 Series, Bahrain GT Festival, V8 Festival and Drag Racing are regular motor racing events already.  The circuit was finished in 2004.  It provides a seating capacity not matched elsewhere of 50,000 where weekend attendances presently amounts to 100,000 patrons. 

The very latest communications technology is provided for whereby 500 journalists from around the world are catered for in luxurious surroundings. 

This F 1 circuit has numbering on all its corners.  The quickest sections are at the ends of both straights, whereby speeds approaching corners 1 and 14 reaches 320kph.  The slowest corners are 1 and 10 where speeds as low as 80kmh are commonplace. 

In 2004 Michael Schumacher in a Ferrari completed the 57 lap race in 1 hour and 28 minutes - thats 34,875 seconds and an average speed of 209.140kph.  Schumacher also set the fastest lap at 1:30:252 - an average speed of 216.074kph.

Bahrain has a hot climate.  Temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius in the summer months ar common so adequate sun protection is advised - plenty of sun screen and copious amounts of water.  The stands are ideal for sun protection also as they provide shade but, it is essential to book your seats in advance at the Bahrain International Circuit grand stands.  Seat booking be done online or through an agent well in advance before you go as motor racing at the Shakir circuit is very popular.

There is plenty of additional entertainment.  Many restaurants in Shakir and Manama catering for F 1 fans and for a multidude of tastes abound.  Nightlife in Bahrain nightclubs provides enjoyement to the full and alcohol is served. 

Shopping in Bahrain is excellent.  Don't miss the great Souq, a traditional Arab Market where you can buy gold, carpets and electrical goods.  There are many modern shopping malls as well.

There are many cultural and historic sites in Bahrain to visit and see during an extended Grand Prix weekend.  A par 72 PGA championship golf course must not be missed so make sure you book a week in Bahrain and not just a F1 weekend.



Hotel Accommodation F 1 Grand Prix in Bahrain


Bahrain F 1 Tickets 26 April 2009


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National Flag of Bahrain
National Flag Kingdom of Bahrain














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